Interview by John Suave during The Armory Show



Interview by John Suave a Detroit based Journalist and Director during The Armory Show.  Watch the full interview here: WATCH NOW.

Musee Magazine

Musee Magazine interviews Artstrong (EmmanuelFremin and Mary Nguyen)


A true need led Mary Nguyen and Emmanuel Fremin to create the ingenious Artstrong: a line of bags for the effective and efficient packaging of travelling art. Made from reusable and recyclable aluminum building materials, Artstrong bags are modern and exceptionally resourceful. The pair sat down with Musée to tell of their product’s conception.

How did Artstrong begin?

EF It started with an art fair about a year ago in which three pieces were damaged. Those pieces were packaged with bubble wrap and when we unwrapped them the frames were broken, the pictures were scratched, and somehow the scotch tape was on the plexiglass of the photographs. We had to re-do it and take it through insurance with a five hundred dollar deductible – it was a nightmare! We thought there was probably a better alternative to wrap the pieces, a way that would cover and protect the pieces, while being reusable at the same time like a computer bag. We came up with the idea to have pieces wrapped up in an aluminum bag according to size, making it very easy to pack them up after the fair.

MN Emmanuel and I were doing a lot of art fairs all over the country with a few assistants. We would have anywhere between twenty to thirty pieces of work at one time and it would take us close to seven hours to pack and unpack them. It was an absolute nightmare – I’m Asian so we love efficiency. I would literally try to talk my way out of packing time. I don’t remember the specific art fair but I remember asking, “How could we make this easier on ourselves?” We went online and searched for a company that made bags but found nothing; I couldn’t believe it!  We didn’t want a box, bubble wrap or tape; we just wanted something that was safe, easy, fun, and super chic. During the fair that all of our pieces were damaged we decided that was the end because we couldn’t continue like that. (more…)

Just Luxe


March 1, 2012

Lifestyle Interview: Mary Nguyen- Taking the Art World by Storm

In the gallery of Emmanuel Fremmin on 27th Street in Chelsea, the crowd buzzes with subtle energy as the host graciously welcomes guests into his contemporary space with a calm, collected smile. The tousled hair and cool blue eyes are enhanced with a chiseled bone structure and boyish charm. Across the room, the statuesque, exotic Asian beauty captivates not only with her stunning looks, but with her wit and charm. Meet Emmanuel Fremin and Mary Nguyen.We sat down with Mary to chat about life, love, art and all that matters.

What are you passionate about?

My children, food and my company, artstrong; to give birth to an idea, bring it to life and to nurture it and watch it grow and expand, that is a fantastic and powerful feeling. Whatever your destiny might be it is not based on your past circumstances, you can make your destiny, your story into anything. It might sound cheesy but it is possible. You have the control over who you really want to be.

What motivates you?

Fear of failure, to me, failure is not trying at all. If I allow myself to never try my hardest and give it my all, well then failure is inevitable in any aspect of your life. Do everything 150% percent. Live and live hard!

How did you come up with the idea for artstrong?

It was born out of a necessity. Emmanuel has had a gallery for 5 years. After we started dating it was a natural thing for me to help him. Doing art fairs is a big part of the gallery; wrapping and unwrapping each work of art, packing, unpacking. Not only was it time consuming, repetitive and laborious but also we were dismayed at the amount of waste left behind from each piece. Each gallery has between 20-30 pieces and some fairs have over 100 galleries. We were determined to create a product that would satisfy the need for the ultimate packaging and storage solution and desire to save time and money, benefit the environment and look chic! (more…)

Fuzzypictures’s weblog

March 10, 2012

ART STRONG BAGS  is one of the sponsors of the Armory show on pier 92 & 94 this weekend. Mary Nguyen is the company’s president, founder and problem solver who came up with a solution of how to transport and protect art in a very convenient way. Despite the aluminum  look it’s a very lightweight way to carry art and it’s green although it looks silver, green in that it’s very tough reusable and doesn’t fill trash heaps.

The Artful Blog

ArtStrong: Travel In Style   Frustrated by the arduous, repetitive task of wrapping and unwrapping each work of art in bubble wrap, a waste of time and materials artists, collectors, gallery owners, curators and the like can relate too, ArtStrong Inc. -out of New York, has created the efficient, eco-conscious ‘ArtStrong bag’. A revolutionary bag that satisfies the art industry’s needs for the ultimate packaging and storage solution while saving time and money, benefitting the environment and looking chic.


Shontelle @

Shontelle performs live at our showrooms to benefit Diakonos Orphange and Gems.  Sponsored by Artstrong and Art in Motion. It was an amazing night filled with an abundance of generosity, love, art and music!  Watch her perform for the kids here.


Fuzzypictures’s Weblog

Fuzzy Pictures blog December 2011

Mary and emmanuel  have come up with an unique solution from transporting art from across town to across the world. well  i am not really sure who came up with the idea but it’s sure neat. saves me a lot of hassle wrapping pics in bubble wrap, which I have way too much of. (more…)

inhabitat…design will save the world

Art Strong Reusable Bags Protect Your Artwork and the Environment

by: Lori Zimmer   Read more: Art Strong Reusable Bags Protect Your Artwork and the Environment | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

Right on the heels of this month’s Art Basel Miami, Art Strong bags are making their debut, offering a reusable solution for transporting artwork. Packaging artwork can be expensive and wasteful, with layers of bubble wrap and plastic being discarded once the painting has been transported to its new home. Offering a more eco-friendly alternative, Art Strong’s bubble envelopes make art transport and storage easy, and reusable.


ArtFairInfo spoke to Mary Nguyen, President of ArtStrong, Inc., about the new product that’s changing the way dealers do fairs – ArtStrong bags. Watch the interview here: 



December 2, 2011

Its hard for me to express my general disappointment in the quality of work at the show this year.  I am not saying that everything was horrible as there were a few bright spots.  But, general, the sarcastic comments rolling around in my head so engulfed my brain that I thought I might pass out from over-excited synaptic firing. It was like being at the Coconut Grove Crafts Art Festival instead of a major artistic event. One sculptor, who clearly had a “giant ass” fixation, had mentioned that his sales were not good this year. I responded in my best deadpan voice; “Really, I am surprised.” He clearly did not get my humor. On the bright side, I was not able to find a stained glass mushroom lamp, which is my criteria for the bottom of the art bin.  But I did see a cellophane and tinfoil scrunchy sculpture.  Its probably hard to visualize what I am saying so here is a prop to help you.

One more thing that I though was really amazing was ArtStrong’s bags, design specifically to easily move artwork.  I know it is striking that a bag company stands out as memorable, but that is the nature of the show this year.   (more…)