ArtStrong: Travel In Style   Frustrated by the arduous, repetitive task of wrapping and unwrapping each work of art in bubble wrap, a waste of time and materials artists, collectors, gallery owners, curators and the like can relate too, ArtStrong Inc. -out of New York, has created the efficient, eco-conscious ‘ArtStrong bag’. A revolutionary bag that satisfies the art industry’s needs for the ultimate packaging and storage solution while saving time and money, benefitting the environment and looking chic.

A classic example of where necessity is the mother of all inventions, ArtStrong bags blend the best practices of the art, building insulation and shipping industries. The bags are made with 2 layers of polyethylene bubbles, shock-absorbing foam, brushed neo-technological fabric surrounded by a metallized film, and the edges are bound in signature orange twill tape creating the most durable bags in the marketplace. Using the bags is easy as, 1-2-3. Open – Insert – Close. Ingenious. Thank you.

Main Features:

*Over 1 ½” of layered cushioned padding providing 5x the protection of other bags
*Reinforced with sewn on binding
*Reusable and resealable with industrial strength velcro
*Resistant to extreme temperature, mold, and mildew
*Reflective, eye-catching aesthetic