March 10, 2012

ART STRONG BAGS  is one of the sponsors of the Armory show on pier 92 & 94 this weekend. Mary Nguyen is the company’s president, founder and problem solver who came up with a solution of how to transport and protect art in a very convenient way. Despite the aluminum  look it’s a very lightweight way to carry art and it’s green although it looks silver, green in that it’s very tough reusable and doesn’t fill trash heaps.

Here is what Mary has to say about this product.  Artstrong bags are the most durable bags in the marketplace. Created with 5X the protection of normal bags, artstrong bags start with two layers of polyethylene bubbles sandwiched between one layer of fire retardant metallized polyester film.  Then we use shock-absorbing recycled foam that is filled with thousands of air cells that are resilient, anti-lint/dust/static free. The inside is lined with a superbly soft technologically innovative fabric that is 100% acid free and also resists scratches and snags. Finally, our bags are sewn at the edges and reinforced with tough nylon to provide the most secure edges.

Art strong display is located just inside the entrance of pier 92, one doesn’t have to pay and enter the Armory show to see and feel them as they are before ticket entry, so if you want to play with them first hand you can do so

Right off the lounge area, heck you can even lounge around looking cool without spending money while people might think you’re an artist if you don’t wear a suit.

Or you may find people wandering around the show as we did here at the contemporary ticket booth.

These bags are a great product filling a much needed demand in the art world. so if you’re considering purchasing a piece of art and want to carry it home safe and sound i would suggest you stop by and see what’s offered. after all we can’t be too careful of our loved ones can we?

I wonder who picked out the Art Strong model on their web site, must have been an interesting casting call at least.

Oh well it’s nice to have fun and no animals were harmed writing this blog

jene youtt

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