Fuzzy Pictures blog December 2011

Mary and emmanuel  have come up with an unique solution from transporting art from across town to across the world. well  i am not really sure who came up with the idea but it’s sure neat. saves me a lot of hassle wrapping pics in bubble wrap, which I have way too much of.


ArtStrong Inc. launches ArtStrong bags to satisfy needs of art enthusiasts for more efficient, cost saving, and eco-friendly way to transport and store artwork at Red Dot Miami Art Fair.

Frustrated by the arduous, repetitive task of wrapping and unwrapping each work of art in bubble wrap, ArtStrong Inc. has created the efficient, eco-conscious ArtStrong bag. This revolutionary bag satisfies the art industry’s needs for the ultimate packaging and storage solution while saving time and money, benefitting the environment and looking chic.

A classic example of where necessity is the mother of all inventions, ArtStrong bags blend the best practices of the art, building insulation and shipping industries. Providing 5x the protection of other bags, ArtStrong bags are made with 2 layers of polyethylene bubbles, shock-absorbing foam, brushed neo-technological fabric and all surrounded by a metallized film. The edges are bound in their signature orange twill tape creating the most durable bags in the marketplace.

Using the bags is as easy as 1-2-3. Open – Insert – Close.

“As gallery owners and frequent exhibitors of numerous art fairs around the world, we would dread the process of packing and unpacking for a show. Countless hours and rolls upon rolls of bubble wrap and tape would be used only to be thrown away as soon as the artwork was delivered. The amount of waste was abominable,” Mary Nguyen, Co-Owner of ArtStrong Inc., explained. “After a very long R&D process, we are confident that our bags will not only live up to the expectations and needs of the gallery owners, artists, and collectors alike, but will save you tremendous time and money.
Protect what’s precious!”

“It’s the bag you never knew you always needed and the uses reach far beyond the art industry,” Nguyen said.

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